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Never Say Never: Messed up mafia romance between an FBI agent and an undercover gangster. Add in some single dad, betrayal, toxic possessive MC, and family love.

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Romance stories that are always; twisted, spicy, bloody, soul crushing, and heart-warming.

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Say I Do
Say I Do was a wild ride and I loved it! Benito and Harlow are both chaotic and I'm lovin it!

Benito, being the head of his family, and the first born, feels like a lot is placed on his shoulders and it's getting worse as the days go by! I am glad he found Harlow to learn how to let things go, to have fun, and what it's like to love again after being burned by love in the past!

Harlow, is literally crazy there really is no other way to say it, and I loved everything about him. He just wanted to feel important to someone. He just wanted to be good enough. Benito showed him that his life doesn't have to be chaotic crazy all the time and that he is amazing the way he is!

I definitely can't wait till the next book comes out! ❤️

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Bad Habits

Tony works for the Vitale Brothers who are mobsters. They catch Caleb stealing from them and after Tony tortures him, they agree he will work under Tony. Caleb and Tony are such a twisted couple who get really down and dirty. Caleb has a sweet caring side for his family and gives to charity but also runs a gang and steals. Tony is a ruthless killer but is obsessed and possessive of Caleb who he considers his. I love anything connected to the Vitales but this one is especially sweet in how these self- destructive guys love their Mothers. I'm totally on board with this pair who spend a lot of time in closets and finally realize they are in love. 

                       —Amazon Review


I wasn't sure there was a way to make a relationship work with 3 Daddies & 1 boy, but these authors made it work.

As the boss' son, our boy gets no respect. Jack just wants to help his dad & take his rightful place as heir. But all everyone sees is the sensitive young man.

Add in that he & his bodyguard are in love with each other, but refuses to cross that line, we got some good agnst levels brewing.

Jack is sent away, for his protection, with his body guard, the top Reaper, & his father's second in command. Being in forced proximity with each brings out some hellafide sexual tension amongst all parties. Finn & Cian just needed to bang it out to level each other out. Our Reaper, Cian, was just a bucket full of delightful crazy.

Each Daddy brought something to the table for Jack to finally flourish: love & care, discipline & order, freedom & chaos.

Jack finally is able to be the man he wants to be, but with his Daddies at his back, he can also be his true self.

I also enjoyed how this mob family tied in with the Vitale Brothers & we got to see a small cameo from Benito & Enzo.

I wouldn't mind reading more about this family, should more books come from this world.

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