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TAKE ME APART: a dark contemporary mafia romance. Possessive and obsessive behavior.

I loved Tex Caster and there was a future for us even if I had to clear the way with blood .

Romance stories that are always; twisted, spicy, bloody, soul crushing, and heart-warming.

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Deliciously Depraved
This book came at the right time for me, I truly loved how "pyscho" Elio is. His obsession and possessiveness is sexy. He was raised to be the assassin for his mafia family. However, they never counted on him meeting 3 men that gave him everything he needed. And, he was everything and more for his boys. They deserved happiness, and so did Elio. Nice story line, great characters, bloody times and sexy times! Loved it! Would love to see spin offs about Elio's bodyguards. 😊
Amazon Review

Four vampires and a werewolf. This is a joke, right? Nope
What a rush! Brea had created a wondrous world filled with intriguing characters. There are evil enemies, honorable, sexy vampires, unexpected romance, fame, rescue, humor, and the whole twin thing. It explores the concept of what home really means. I loved this book. Even Karter's twin Lola can't save him this time. Told to leave pack lands, he is taken to the man he owes. There is a solution. Become the feedbag to vampires. Karter never expects to have feelings for them. Prince Weston, Eddison, Axel, and Braydon are soon caught up in their feelings for Karter, who they consider their wolf. When Karter leaves, trying to save his sister from being hurt, they will do anything to get him back. There is violence (not gratuitous) , a vampire "hostile takeover" try, family angst, blood, mmmmm sex, and hope. You will love this book! This book contains adult themes and language, mmmmm sex and is intended for mature readers only.                         —Bookbub Review

I love both authors books separately however I originally wasn’t sure about reading a collaboration however this blew me away. I adored how Porter was so sweet but had this core of steel when he needed and the dynamic with the different men was just amazing. I loved how each man brought a different element to the group however they found they worked together as a whole. This was so well written and some parts had me desperately wanting to find out what happens next. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series which focuses on other characters mentioned in this book. Absolutely loved this book!
—Goodreads Review

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