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BE MINE CRUEL VALENTINES: a high heat bully romance.

Three bullies and their deranged victim a love match made in hell

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Romance stories that are always; twisted, spicy, bloody, soul crushing, and heart-warming.

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Deliciously Depraved
This book came at the right time for me, I truly loved how "pyscho" Elio is. His obsession and possessiveness is sexy. He was raised to be the assassin for his mafia family. However, they never counted on him meeting 3 men that gave him everything he needed. And, he was everything and more for his boys. They deserved happiness, and so did Elio. Nice story line, great characters, bloody times and sexy times! Loved it! Would love to see spin offs about Elio's bodyguards. 😊
Amazon Review

Take Me Apart

Tex audibly swallowed. "You're the devil."
I kissed him again. It was as if I couldn't get enough. "But I'm your devil."

I devoured this. i was kinda hesitant to pick this one up because coming this year i told myself mafia/mob romances is one of those topics that i need to let go. but, fuck that, this one completely won me over. basically, good cop meets bad mobster royalty and yada yada yada we all knew that. and i loved everything about it. the push-and-pull romance, the gory shit, and the high intensity kind of sex. my attention was gripped from start to finish.

                       —Goodreads Review

Be Mine, Cruel Valentines
This book was pure smut and I AM HERE FOR IT!

Ramsey has been abused, cast aside and mostly ignored by others his entire life. At the beginning of senior year, he inadvertently meets Foxyn, Theron and Leyton who are freshman at the time. They make it their mission to bully Ramsey every chance they get. They had no idea that Ramsey secretly loved it after a while until they meet again in college years later.

Without giving too much away, I'm just going to say that this was an excellent take on the bully romance trope.

Goodreads Review

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