Blood Series


More Than Blood

December 17, 2018

A prince, a miscreant, a warrior, a workaholic & one wild werewolf.

Karter's been nothing but trouble since the day he learned to walk. A werewolf with a knack for fucking shit up, he’s caused so much trouble that even his pack is tired of dealing with it. With his pack done bailing him out, Karter is left alone and with no one to care. If he doesn’t get his life in order, he’ll end up dead.

When he’s dragged in by the people who will happily put a silver bullet in his head, they give him an opportunity instead of death… to feed vampires — aka a walking blood bank. To feed the enemy is unheard of, but with nowhere else to turn he reluctantly goes.

Four vampires and one werewolf. What should be a disaster may turn into something so much more.

Why can’t he stop craving things that no werewolf should crave from bloodsuckers?

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Holiday Blood
More Than Blood Christmas short

December 28, 2018

Tis the season for Karter and his sister Lola this Christmas, as Karter's crazy vampire lovers bring in the holly jolly spirit in an incredibly explosive way.

Break out the holiday music and glitter, because this holiday season will be filled with fun, love, family and happiness. Confessions will be made, and surprises will be given.

This MMMMM Christmas short features the return of Karter and his vampires from More Than Blood, which takes place after the book.

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Spooky Blood
More Than Blood Halloween Short

November 4 Free

Happy Halloween.

No amount of candy can compare to Karter's blood.

Karter is pretty sure werewolves don't trick or treat but leave it to Lola to twist his leg with guilt to talk him into it.

What happens when Karter has to convince his vampire boyfriends to go trick or treating?

Some promises are given and buttons are pushed. It's the best Halloween ever!

Four vampires one werewolf, a romance you didn't see coming.

Their Blood

February 19, 2020

It was all perfectly quiet, but Karter knew the shit storm coming was inevitable. It would all be his fault too. It always was. He would probably screw something up and they'd get rid of him, or he would push them too far. It never failed. No matter how much he wanted to believe he had changed, that for once they could handle him, his doubts followed him around. Karter knew that happiness was something that never really lasted.

As those doubts cluttered his mind, he felt the need to run wild and free, to outrun the darkness taking over his mind. A race through the grounds soon turns into a fight for survival. 

They must save him. They must claim what is theirs. They will have to destroy any who would dare to take their feisty wolf away.

Blood is pleasure and pain, as vengeance takes over them. The only certain outcome: death.


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