Bloody Wishes

(Set in the blood series world)

They are his enemies, not his desires.

Hyde has a secret. He’s a necromancer: a witch that plays with the dead.

Necromancers have been hunted to near extinction by the vampires. So naturally, Hyde falls for the vampire prince—A man with pretty light green eyes Hyde can’t manage to look away from.

When the prince and his equally alluring companion ask Hyde to help them hunt down some vampires, he becomes embroiled in a scheme that turns his entire world on its head. Especially when Hyde’s human ex-boyfriend shows up needing protection.

Hyde ends up juggling more than he bargained for—including three dangerous and beautiful men.

Standalone Novel

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Main Characters

Name:  Hyde MoonBead

Species: Necromancer

Age: 28

Eye Color: Black

NickName: Sir, Master, Mi Amor Mortal

Height: 6' 2"

Skin: Brown

Hair: Short Black Coils

Favorite Color: Purple and Black

Name: Timeus (Prince)

Species: Vampire

Age: Unknown (old)

Eye Color: Green

Nickname: Princess

Height: 5' 9"

Skin: White

Hair: Black short straight

Favorite Color: Red and Gold

Name: Arsenio (Guard)

Species: Vampire

Age: Unknown

Eye Color: Brown

NickName: Daddy Vamp

Height: 6' 4"

Skin: Light Brown

Hair: Dark Brown Short Wavy

Favorite Color: Yellow

Name: Drexe Jones

Species: Human to Vampire

Age: 25

Eye Color: Grey

NickName: Pet

Height: 5' 10"

Skin: White

Hair: Dark Brown shoulder length curly

Favorite Color: Pink and Grey

Chibis of Hyde, Drexe, Timeus, Arsenio