Signed and Dated Series

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Money or Love Which will you choose?


First Love

Book 1

Full story of Karah and Nicholas love will be republished Summer 2020

Love, Marriage, and Happy ever after.

Those are the three things Karah never saw for himself. He'd successfully stayed clear of being tied down and planned on keeping it that way. 

A family who never wanted him, never saw any value in him has now married him off to some rich snob. 

Karah is going to make sure he pushes the rich a** into ripping up the contract, that binds them together.

If Karah can last the deemed ninety days he will be a free man. The only problem is the rich snob is turning out to be not so much and A-hole and instead a sweet caring man. 

(First Love will feature a childhood crush, forced proximity, arranged marriage, a power bottom, sweet dates, and meddling friends.)

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