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Loves Edge

Book 1

Nov 4, 2018

Nicholas has lived his life ignoring things he wants and just does what is expected of him. He does this to become the heir to the Dayton family business. He is so close to calling everything his; the one thing he has left to do is secure a contract. He doesn't really want to, and he has spent his life alone. However, he won't be approved for the take over without a contracted life partner.

Karah was abandon by his father when he was a teen. Karah has built a life after his mother’s death and his father’s abandonment. He expected to live his life dancing, fucking, and having the time of his life in his friend’s club. Until one day that’s all snatched away, and his past comes back to claim him.

Nicholas and Karah, two men who didn't care for love. But now they are trying to navigate living together for the next few months.

Loves Choices

Book 2

Jan 28, 2019

Karah and Nicholas are learning what it means to be together as they navigate this thing called "a relationship". The intimacy and love they share is obvious, Karah is sure it's what he wants but is it what he deserves? But how can he deny such overwhelming feelings when they fit together like puzzle pieces. Karah never dreamed of having someone like Nicholas.

Nicholas is overjoyed when Karah chooses to stay with him. As a contracted partner. What once seemed like an obligation is now a necessity. What once was an empty house is now filled with laughter. With each day treasured more than the day before, Nicholas realizes that he can never go back to being without Karah.

Everything is roses, gold, and rainbows until Karah's past come crashing into their lives. Love can’t erase the past.

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