Our King, Our Master Series

Edoli have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. While some hold such abilities as shape-shifting and controlling the elements, the rarest are the kings and queens who can bond through blood with keepers and amplify their power… and their own.

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Work, hide, run. These were the three things Titos did to survive. 

An outcast, the weakest of his kind, at least that’s what Titos was led to believe. Never accepted Titos lived amongst humans. Never staying in one place too long, bond to a life of solitude. 

But that all changes in one night. He goes from being alone to having a keeper devoting himself to Titos, and then another and another. But only Kings the strongest of Edoli can have keepers. 

Titos a King? 

It couldn’t be possible, could it? Can Titos be so lucky to have found his place in the world he was deemed unworthy of, or will he forever be an outcast?

Titos is just a king who wants to be loved.

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Titos finally has a place he can call home, he need not run anymore, and he isn’t alone.

With lives on his shoulders, Titos must step up. With all the change, Titos struggles with being a ruler. Does he rule with compassion or without? He’s been around humans too long, forgetting the edoli way. Showing weakness means no respect, but that is all Titos feels he is capable of.

Titos must be the king his keepers keep claiming he is.

With all the bloodshed, he must learn to lean on his keepers. Titos must learn the hardest lesson, that he cannot rule a kingdom alone and he doesn’t have to.

Will his decisions end up hurting them all, or will he allow his keepers to protect him?

Titos is just a king who just wants to be loved.


With great power comes great destruction. Or something like that…..

Titos has never been powerful, but as he continues to gain more keepers his power grows. It’s almost too much. He finds out more of what it means to be a soul eater and why his kind has been practically wiped out. He has to stand tall, be a king, and defend his home.

But as his list of enemies continues to grow Titos isn’t sure how much longer he can stand strong. His existence is one that will be feared by all.

Can his keepers help him keep it together?

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To be King or not to be King

There is no more hiding. Titos has accepted being king of his small territory but now he’s being pushed to take on even more enlarging the target on his back.

His keepers are doing everything they can to keep him safe but Titos is a walking danger zone.

Titos will fight for his home and his new found family. His mates mean everything to him and he refuses to give up, even if it means wearing a crown that he never wanted.

Titos is willing to sacrifice everything for his men and they are ready to burn the world down for their master, but will that be enough to survive what’s to come?


Peace was nothing more than a dream.

Titos has been fighting since the moment he was born he wants the happiness that everyone promises. He wants the days where he wakes up and there isn’t a new tragedy to fix. He wants it for his territory, friends, and his MATES. 

They say only the strong can afford tranquility.

As Titos is forced to take care of the remaining threat he is left with the realization that maybe he and his men just might be free. He must learn to relax and calm down when he’s had nothing but destruction and death coming his way for so long. 

Is love enough to secure their happiness?

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