• Brea Alepoú

Making 2020 My Year


It's coming too quickly, good thing i have a plan in place. But we all know how plans are they can go up in smoke as soon as something unexpected happens. So here is my tentative plan for 2020


1. His Royal Mate (I aiming for Jan release but it might be early February depending on the next few days.

2. Their Blood (Febuaray 2020)

3. Catching Cupid's Arrow (Book 2 in Enchanted Legends H.E.A.) Late February.

That's the first three books I'm truly focused on. Next are the books for the remainder of the year and I don't really have a month planned.

1. A King to be Feared (Book 3 Our king our Master series) A King to be Served (Book 4) I'm going to try and fit in book 5 but it won't be until December of 2020

2. Unexpected Mates 3,4,5,&6 I want to complete this series this year. 🤞

3. 2-3 surprises (have to keep it a secret for now)

4. Loves Promises (Book 3 contracted Series)

It seems like a lot that's because I'm going to make this year my B**ch at least that's the plan for now.

Audio Books:

1. His Bewildered Mated will be coming to Audio 2020 (I'm currently talking to a few narrators and listening to auditions) followed by His Royal Mate

2. Their Blood will be joining More Than Blood in the audio market (Narrated by Mace Earl Finn)

Author life:

To make more author friends

Not buy so many covers this year.

Hopefully, I can stick with this plan and rock 2020. Hope you all are looking forward to all the books.


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