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The whip made a slight noise when it moved in the air, and Karter could hear it. Eddison didn't breathe, so he wouldn't know Eddison was even there if it wasn't for the constant strike of the whip. He timed it. Every three breaths the whip would come down and strike against his back. Karter didn't shy away from the whip, the pain sharp but bearable. He stopped groaning by the tenth strike.

"I don't feel like begging," Karter said.

He probably had a death wish, because the next strike that came down took his breath away. He didn't have time to catch his breath. Eddison brought down more strikes faster and harder than the ones before. Karter felt the blood as it dripped down his back, the pain nearly blinding. He tried to gain control of himself, but then Eddison would change it up again. The whip cracked in the air before coming down on Karter’s back. He shouted, sitting up straighter on his knees as another excruciating hit came down.

Karter cried out at another blow. He didn't count how many blows he took. He could barely get his breathing under control, and his body shook with each blow. He nearly fell over. He had no idea how he was able to stay up on his knees. The thought of falling didn't sit well with him, not that he could think much of anything with the strikes Eddison was delivering.

Time stood still as no more strikes came against his raw back. He felt the blood dripping down his back. He could feel where certain wounds were healing but others were bleeding right over. The searing pain in his back nearly blinded him, his breathing ragged as he stayed kneeling. Shiny black shoes appeared in front of him. Long, elegant fingers tilted his head up, and he saw gold orbs shining back at him.

"We are nowhere near done."

Karter tried to nod, but his head felt too heavy. He was sure if Eddison hadn't been holding his head it would have fallen back down. It took all of his strength just to stay upright on his knees. Fingers ran through his hair before they disappeared. He opened his eyes, not realizing he’d closed them. Eddison wasn't in sight. A touch to his still aching back made him jump.

"This time, I will be going to the back and front," Eddison said in a nearly-whispered tone.

Book More Than Blood  Chapter 16 Karter

Tonight, Cambridge would let the werewolf choose. It was another mindfuck, and a shock of thrill shot down his spine in anticipation at seeing Rome battle with himself, especially in front of the man they both desired above all else.

Rome stopped and stared at the choices before looking up at Cambridge, a pleading look on his face. But he would get nothing from him as he did every single time. 

Finnely tried to look. “What is it?”

Finnely had obviously forgotten the rules already. Cambridge had no problems rectifying that while Rome struggled with his outfit choice. 

Cambridge vamp sped over to Finnely and wrapped his hand around his slender throat. His fingertips grazed the shadow of hair on his face, sending a shiver down his spine that he didn’t show.

“That was the last straw. Bend over the bed now,” Cambridge said.

He didn’t let Finnely go as the witch was forced to move with Cambridge’s hand tightly wrapped around his throat. He swallowed thickly, and Cambridge felt every movement. 


Cambridge let Finnely go and shoved him over the bed without a second thought. He yanked the witch’s pants down, and the button broke off and rolled on the ground. He made sure Finnely faced the opposite direction of Rome’s outfits. He wanted it to be a surprise.

Finnely groaned, and he lifted his head, probably to talk again, but Cambridge wasn’t having any of that. He brought his hand down on Finnely’s tan ass. Heat that no longer resided in his body covered his palm for a short second after colliding with Finnely’s flesh.

Cambridge did it again. His hand rained down over Finnely’s ass and the back of his thighs until the flesh was a nice deep red and the witch’s body was trembling. Even then, Cambridge brought his hand down again, and Finnely’s cry was music to his ears. He lowered himself and pressed his lips to the heated flesh. 

It was hot to the touch, and Cambridge turned his head to stare at Rome. He’d decided, but he was so engrossed by them that he stood there just holding the outfit.

“Are you going to get changed, pup, or do you want the same treatment?”

Rome visibly shivered, and his pupils dilated. Cambridge would be able to use more of his vampire strength with him, and he’d go beyond bruising his perky ass.

“Answer me.”

Finnely wavered, breathing heavily under him, and Rome looked to be struggling with answering out loud.

“Yes, I want that,” Rome finally said. 

Book Our Blood Chapter 19 Cambridge

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