A dark MM retelling of Snow White. If Snow White had a harem of demon wolves instead of dwarves.

Driven away from claiming his title as the rightful heir to the coven of witches, Prince Snoe has made a new home for himself in the forest. When his peaceful life is once more disturbed by the stepfamily who wishes to see him dead, Snoe decides it’s time to fight back.

Snoe makes a contract with a demon lord and his seven wolves. Revenge on his family in return for his immortal soul. Who knew that plotting the demise of your enemies, one by one, could be so s**y?

Snoe will stand at the top once again, whether his throne is covered in blood and carnage. With seven demon wolves and a contract with a demon lord, Snoe will pay any price for his revenge.

***Crimson Painted Snow, the MM retelling of Snow White features multiple partners, mild blood play, darker theme, and more.

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A dash of Christmas magic and big heaping of love.

To use Christmas magic, the rules say there must be two Claus's. Traditionally,  Santa had his Mrs, but Chris isn't interested in a Mrs. But rules are the rules and Chris must bring in a second Claus. 

Gavyn is a perfect fit for a temporary fix. 

Their arrangement is set. Temporary, a loophole, short term, just for now, only till he finds someone better. There is no reading in between the lines. Gavyn is simply there to be the second Claus and nothing more. 

But what happens when they both find something in each other they hadn’t known they were looking for? Gavyn might be the perfect wrapped present and Chris the Daddy Gavyn has always longed for.

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Playing with a vampire and a Werewolf.

A vampire who wants to break him and a werewolf who wants to be under him.

River is just a human who wants to be left alone.

Two supernatural creatures and one human. Their love story is bloody, hot, and unexpected.

A dark paranormal romance, it contains blood, needy supernaturals, and a unique human. (Read at your own risk.)

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Aiden has three simple rules to protect himself

1. No dates.
2. No sleepovers.
3. No falling in love.

The rules work. They always have. Until he meets a nerdy film major, with big brown eyes and a nat for rambling.

Skyler C. Bailey lives to capture people's raw emotions and life stories through a lens camera. He’s a true introvert who is happiest filming life, instead of living it. Until the night he runs into a gay porn star, and his whole world is turned upside down.

Aiden may have rules and Skyler may be afraid to trust. But maybe they’ve finally found someone worth the risk.

Maybe Aiden and Skyler can be boyfriends.

Boyfriends Maybe is a steamy MM contemporary romance between a shy nerd and a confident adult entertainer, featuring swoon-worthy cuddles, pushy best friends, and a nerd who tends to ramble. This title was previously published never trust a porn star, but the content is unchanged.