Full Length Standalone's

Love, Sex, and Complications

Never Trust A Porn Star

November 12

Aiden Scott is the hottest thing right now in the online adult entertainment world. Women gush. Men applaud his techniques. And everybody wishes they could be his next partner. Thanks to one little video uploaded by an ex, he’s become famous. His family might disapprove of his methods, but Aiden embraces this notoriety and revels in the reviews. In typical Scott fashion, Aiden’s made a f**king career—out of f**king.

Aiden has rules in place to protect himself. He doesn’t date. He won’t do sleepovers. He's never been interested in someone longer than it takes to reach a mutual climax. 

The rules work. They always have. Until he meets one nerdy film major, with big brown eyes and it has him questioning everything.

Skyler C. Bailey is a film major and twenty-one years old. It’s his junior year of college at Vanderbilt. He lives to capture people's raw emotions and life stories through a lens camera. A true introvert at heart, one night out and his whole world is turned upside down. He tries to ignore the growing feelings inside, he’s been there and done that. Been stomped on and pushed to the side. He doesn’t want to go through that again, but he can’t ignore his heart even if he’s afraid he’s about to learn the hardest lesson of all: never trust a p*rn star.

Inconvenient Attachments

July 9, 2020

Playing with a Vampire and a Werewolf.

A vampire who wants to break him and a  werewolf who wants to be under him.

River Is just a human who wants to be left alone. 

Two supernatural creatures and one human. Their love story is bloody and hot.

A dark paranormal romance. It contains blood, needy supernaturals, and a unique human. (Read at your own risk)


Short Standalones'

(5k-20K words) A Treasured Collection

In Debt to the Devil - High Resolution.j

In Debt to the Devil

Hot, needy, alluring… No other words can describe Clent's encounter with the devil.

Lucifer’s hand tightened around him. “You can’t come yet, boy. I want to play with you more.”

No one said getting your college degree would be easy. Clent knows better than anyone. He has been working himself ragged for a while, so when his roommate suggests a night off, Clent is all for it. A night to , to forget all worries, and just be free. Except that’s not how Clent’s night goes.

Who in their right mind would face the devil? Clent isn’t in his right mind because that's exactly what he plans to do. Easier said than done. Isn't the devil to be scary and hellish? So why can’t Clent get Lucifer out of his head? The devil is sex on two legs and he knows it.

Deals will and wishes granted.  How do you beat the devil at his own game?

Night's Calling

Magic, mayhem, and love!

Two people who couldn't be farther from opposites are meant to be together forever. 

Halloween is the time of the year when all the supernaturals have fun and go out for a good time. Saila isn’t feeling it this year, especially with her brother Marat gone to the Academy of the goody-two-shoes. Her best friend suggests going to the human realm and crashing a college Halloween party. Little does she know that the one person in the world meant for her would be there.

When opposites attract!
(New age adult romance, death, graphic scenes, graphic language, and  love that shouldn't work but is perfect for them.)

An Unforgettable Night

Be human or demon everyone deserves someone!

Jay knew he shouldn't drive to the address on the mysterious invitation.

He shouldn't...

But maybe he’s done living inside his boring box called life. Jay makes some weird decisions that lead him to a caring and beautiful demon, a Vasilikó daímono plokámi to be exact. 

Will the night be a disaster or amazing?

Either way, it will be An Unforgettable Night!


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