Their Blood 

It was all perfectly quiet, but Karter knew the shit storm coming was inevitable. It would all be his fault too. It always was. He would probably screw something up and they'd get rid of him, or he would push them too far. It never failed. No matter how much he wanted to believe he had changed, that for once they could handle him, his doubts followed him around. Karter knew that happiness was something that never really lasted.


As those doubts cluttered his mind, he felt the need to run wild and free, to outrun the darkness taking over his mind. A race through the grounds soon turns into a fight for survival.


They must save him. They must claim what is theirs. They will have to destroy any who would dare to take their feisty wolf away.


Blood is pleasure and pain, as vengeance takes over them. The only certain outcome: death.

Blood Series Book 2

Main Characters

Name: Karter

Species: Werewolf

Birth Date: February 19

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Favorite Word: Fuck

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo

Name: Eddison

Species:  Vampire

Birth Date: June 8

Age: 400

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Activity: Making Karter Bleed

Favorite Food: Karter's Blood

Name: Weston 

Species: Vampire (Prince)

Birth Date: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Personality: Demanding and Confident

Favorite Word: Kneel

Favorite Food: Karter's Blood

Name: Braydon

Species: Vampire

Birth Date: September 17

Age: 250

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Favorite Word: Fuck

Favorite Food: Karter's Blood

Name: Axel

Species: Vampire

Birth Date: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Personality: tough but gentle with Karter

Favorite Food: Karter's Blood

Chibi of Karter, Weston, Eddison, Axel, & Braydon
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