Blood Series 

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A prince, a miscreant, a warrior, a workaholic & one wild werewolf.

Karter's been nothing but trouble since the day he learned to walk. A werewolf with a knack for fucking shit up, he’s caused so many problems that even his pack is tired of dealing with him.

Karter is left alone and with no one to care. If he doesn’t get his life in order, he’ll end up dead. When he’s dragged in by the people who will happily put a silver bullet in his head, they give him an opportunity instead of death… to feed vampires — aka a walking blood bank. To feed the enemy is unheard of, but with nowhere else to turn he reluctantly goes.

Why can’t he stop craving things that no werewolf should crave from bloodsuckers? Four vampires and one werewolf. What should be a disaster may turn into something so much more.


Four vampires and one werewolf. A perfect match made in hell.

It never failed. Karter was the storm that could destroy even the calmest seas. He’d tried to change, swore he would be better, but it was inevitable. He would screw something up and they'd get rid of him, or he would push them too far.

Karter knows that his men would do anything for him. So why can’t he stop the nagging doubts that say otherwise? The more he questions himself and his men, the more he needs to getaway. To run. To be free. But what happens when a run evolves into a fight for his life?

They must save him. They must claim what is theirs. They will have to destroy anyone who would dare to take their feisty wolf away.

Blood is pleasure and pain, as vengeance takes over them. The only certain outcome? Death

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Stay strong and don’t give in. 

Finnely has told himself that he won't go back to his A-hole ex, but it’s easier said than done. The prince of vampire’s, Cambridge, possesses a part of Finnely and he doesn’t see a way to get it back.


But Cambridge isn’t the only one laying claim to Finnely. Jacob is determined to have the man of his obsession and Rome would fight tooth and nail to claim Finnely. 

What is a witch supposed to do? 

He won’t have much of a choice in the matter as power struggles in the supernatural community turn their world upside down.

With Finnely’s coven making him choose a side, he is trapped between two worlds. Does he choose his heart? Or stay with his own kind?

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Finnely is still dealing with the aftermath of losing all that he’s known. The guilt that eats at him every day is only pushed down by his men who give him purpose:  A stalker vampire, an a-hole prince vampire, and a broken wolf. 


The humans are done turning a blind eye to the supernatural. They are causing too many casualties, bodies litter the street and innocents are leaving the world too soon. 


Stress levels are high and Finnely tries his hardest to hold onto what he has left in this world. His men.


The weight of the world rests on their shoulders and as they hunt down the false king, and what lies in the dark must come to the light. Supernaturals will be forced into the eye of the public and there are so many things that could go wrong. How in the world will FInnely, Rome, Jacob, and Cambridge stay together?

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Sacrifices are to be expected but they are no easier to make.


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Change isn't easy for anyone to accept but if he wants to keep his men there will be no other way.


Standalone within the Blood Series

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They are his enemies, not his desires.

Hyde has a secret. He’s a necromancer: a witch that plays with the dead.

Necromancers have been hunted to near extinction by the vampires. So naturally, Hyde falls for the vampire prince—A man with pretty light green eyes Hyde can’t manage to look away from.

When the prince and his equally alluring companion ask Hyde to help them hunt down some vampires, he becomes embroiled in a scheme that turns his entire world on its head. Especially when Hyde’s human ex-boyfriend shows up needing protection.

Hyde ends up juggling more than he bargained for—including three dangerous and beautiful men.

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Coming Soon Standalone

Prince Grandfyld's story