Unexpected Mates Series (Complete)

His Bewildered Mate eBook.jpg

True mates are found in the most unlikely of places.

Rhy, a weretiger with a heart so big, that when an elderly woman comes in looking for her lost cat, Mr. Fluffkins, Rhy knew he had to help. He had no way of knowing that it would lead him to his true mate.

Dillan (Mr. Fluffkins), has lived his whole life wishing he was more than just a cat. He never felt right walking around on four paws. He tried to be a normal cat; tried to talk to other animals but it wasn’t possible. They couldn’t think in full sentences or communicate. It was more of a feeling they had than what they thought. He watched television, so he could studying humans and what they did. He wanted to interact like humans. Dillan ached to have what they have.

Love, loss, and tender moments. A dream to have the one person that completes you.

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True mates are found in the most unlikely of places.

Kash is Royalty

Kash doesn’t want to believe Dezi is his fated mate. But that’s okay. Dezi is patient and if the fates are going to grant him a beautiful man he’s more than willing to work for it.

Dezi is majestic

Kash had no plans on being mated, especially not to a lion shifter who feels too good to be true. He needs to be wary of Dezi’s charming smile and his warm hugs, but it’s hard to stay on guard when just being around Dezi calms him.

Tender moments, surprises, and reunions. The good and bad, they are in this together.

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True mates are found in the most unlikely of places.

Wolf shifter Morgan thinks he’s finally found a place to belong: in the arms of his fated mate. But with Morgan’s life endangered by his old pack, he’s not willing to risk his mate’s safety. Even if his very soul cries out for Kenny.

Snow Leopard shifter Kenny always wanted a family of his own. Now that he’s found his fated mate, that dream should come easy, right? Fear is all Morgan has ever known and Kenny wants to shield and protect him from every knowing it again. All he has to do is convince Morgan he can do it.

Family, acceptance, adoption, and healing. Creating a family, one of the greatest treasures of the world.

4 His Runaway mate Ebook.jpg

True mates are found in the most unlikely of places.

Logan ran and never looked back. He's been made a fool once, and he never plans to let it happen again. But now the same someone who made Logan a fool waltzes back into his life, he’s not so sure being a fool is a bad thing, especially if that someone is your fated mate.

For five long years, Indigo has been punishing himself for pushing his true mate away. A grieving mess with a newborn, he thought he did the right thing by denying his mate. But oh how he’d been so wrong. Now he has the chance to be with his mate once more.

Will fate let them start all over again, or is it too late?

Coffee, Love, forgiveness, and Joy. True love is hard to come by.


True mates are found in the most unlikely of places.

Emory can’t be with Clyde.

Clyde is a predator and Emory is prey. At least that’s what Emory’s head is telling him. But his inner rabbit screams that Clyde is the one--Emory’s true mate. And it’s hard to fight against his instincts.

Clyde finally found his mate. It was love at first sight. Emory is strong-willed, smart, and a hard worker--everything and more that Clyde could ever dream of in a mate. But Emory is convinced that the fates got it wrong, and they aren’t really mates. How will Clyde convince Emory that they’re meant to be?

Hope, unconditional love, heat, and Support. Being there for one another always.

6 His Forever Mate - Ebook (1).jpg

True Mates are found in the most unlikely of places. 

Cole is so ready for a forever mate. He's happy his pride mates have found love, but he can't help but feel lonely sometimes. When will he finally find his other half? His True Mate.

When a job comes up, Cole is all too willing to take it. If he’s lucky maybe he’ll meet his other half while he searches for someone who doesn’t want to be found. 

Amos lost control once, and he vowed to never hurt anyone again. That means walking away from his family and straight into a shifter’s worst fate: loneliness. But even when his fated mate stumbles into his path Amos is determined to continue punishing himself. Sending his overly happy, young, and naive mate away is the only way to keep his vow. 

New beginnings, love, sugary sweets, and forgiveness. Love Conquers all.