Finding Mr. Claus

Dec. 12 2019

"Yes, Santa," Gail whispered.


To use Christmas magic, the rules say there must be two Claus's. Traditionally,  Santa had his Mrs, but Chris isn't interested in a Mrs. But the rules are the rules and Chris must bring in a second Claus. Chris’s father and mother the previous Claus’s expect big things from him.


Chris is happily living his bachelor’s life. He has no want or need to tie himself to someone forever. Marriage is a no go for him, just the thought of the word and he’s ready to hurl, but in order for him to truly be Santa, he must bring someone in. 


Gail is a perfect fit for a temporary fix. 


Their arrangement is set. Temporary, a loophole, short term, just for now, only till he finds someone better. There is no reading in between the lines. Gail is simply there to be the second Claus and nothing more. 


But what happens when they both find something in each other they hadn’t known they were looking for? Gail might be the perfect wrapped present and Chris the home Gail has always longed for. 

Catching Cupid's Arrow

Coming Soon

Cupid grants love never has it for himself. Those are the rules, it's plain and simple. Bo wants love.


A night out and he’s instantly crushing on the gorgeous man. Except Bo knows the rules and how he must live his life. 


Reese is everything Bo would ever want in a partner. He’s smart, kind, and Calling him Daddy won’t mix things up, right? 


Bo is just doing his job Reese deserves to be with someone, the only problem is Bo really wants that someone to be him. 


But what happens when it comes time to walk away from his perfect match? Will Bo be able to give Reese up?

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©2018 by Author Brea Alepoú.