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Night's Calling (F/F Halloween Short)

Magic, mayhem, and love!

Two people who couldn't be farther from opposites are meant to be together forever. 

Halloween is the time of the year when all the supernaturals have fun and go out for a good time. Saila isn’t feeling it this year, especially with her brother Marat gone to the Academy of the goody-two-shoes. Her best friend suggests going to the human realm and crashing a college Halloween party. Little does she know that the one person in the world meant for her would be there.

When opposites attract!

Spooky Blood

Blood Series Short


Happy Halloween. 


No amount of candy can compare to Karter's blood. 


Karter is pretty sure werewolves don't trick or treat but leave it to Lola to twist his leg with guilt to talk him into it. 


What happens when Karter has to convince his vampire boyfriends to go trick or treating? 


Some promises are given and buttons are pushed. It's the best Halloween ever!


Four vampires one werewolf, a romance you didn't see coming.

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Fall Into Place (8).png

An Unforgettable Night (Tentacle Scene)

Be human or demon everyone deserves someone!

Jay knew he shouldn't drive to the address on the mysterious invitation.

He shouldn't...

But maybe he’s done living inside his boring box called life. Jay makes some weird decisions that lead him to a caring and beautiful demon, a Vasilikó daímono plokámi to be exact. 

Will the night be a disaster or amazing?

Either way, it will be An Unforgettable Night!

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