Work in Progress

The light and dark side of Taboo

Here are the work in progress for Zia Zinnex who is Brea Alepoú alter ego. These books will be geared toward the taboo side of things. Mostly will be contemporary and paranormal. If Taboo isn't your thing that's fine Brea doesn't write it but Zia loves it.

Worth the Mistakes

Brother Complex book1



Being separated is the worst but reconnecting it should be easy. One brother has been away for a very long time. When they are reunited there is nothing brotherly about the love they feel. 

When they're together mistakes have a funny way of being worth it.

Too Many Cravings

Brother complex book 2

Status: 0

Your first crush stays with you forever, but what if it turns into a craving so strong you have no way of denying it? The craving just happens to be his much older big brother. 

When the craving turns into an addiction, there is no turning back after the first taste. 


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