Work in Progress

Here is the work in progress for Zia Volpe who is Brea Alepoú alter ego. These books will be geared toward the taboo side of things. Mostly will be contemporary and paranormal. If Taboo isn't your thing that's fine Brea doesn't write it but Zia loves it.

Worth the Mistake

Brother Complex 1


January 2021

Tentative will change

Separated for 17years, it shouldn't be possible to forget the one person you always could count on. Jinx is back in Crator Bay under the guise of breaking through his mental block when pitching but in truth, he wants to reconnect with his brother.

Levi has no idea who the new hot stranger is in town but he's more than happy to take him back to his place and show him a good time. One night that's all.

Love has a funny way of making all the mistakes worth it. 

Worth the Risk

Brother complex 2

Status: 0
March 2021

Tentative and will change but this is the base of the story.

Spoiled and tired of being in the middle of his parents tug a war battle Brenton is in desperate need of someone to take the reigns of his life and steer him in the right direction. 

Alan at 33 hasn't been back home in years not since he was seventeen. Raised by his grandmother he's back to attend her funeral. 

A night at the local leather bar leads to Alan finding the perfect boy that has his daddy dom side rearing up. 

These two are perfect for each other every day except Brenton is Alan's half younger brother and he happens to be eleven years younger than him. 

Love has a funny way of being worth the risk.